Millstone Fund

Who We Support

We support nonprofit partners with deep commitments to improving the populations they serve in Greater Cincinnati in the areas of Health, Education, and Arts. Priority is given to those organizations who demonstrate their ability to create a more equitable community.

What We Support

Capacity Building – Funding that strengthens an organization in support of its mission. This may include activities such as professional development/training and planning to sharpen organizational focus and strategy.

Capital – Funding for facilities, equipment, and technology. Preference will be given to organizations that have an established history with Millstone (e.g., previous successful funding or partnerships) and/or a history of success for the community.

General Operating – Funding for general support that is not restricted to a particular purpose. Millstone Fund will consider general operating support primarily for established organizations that have a history of success and a clear plan for long-term sustainability. Preference will be given to organizations with extenuating circumstances that have disrupted anticipated funding. Note that these requests will be evaluated relative to the full organizational budget, and these awards will be less frequent and smaller relative to the other grant types.

Project/Program – Funding for a designated initiative or endeavor within an organization. Program grants may include a proportionate share of overhead. Millstone Fund will prioritize funding requests that have goals to:

1) expand successful services or pilot programs

2) introduce new services that address important gaps

3) collaborate across a system of organizations striving towards common goals

Innovation Seed Funding – Funding awarded to help launch a specified new project, program, or initiative that addresses an important need and gap in the community. Millstone Fund will consider requests to develop and test new ideas important to demonstrate “proof of concept.”