Millstone Fund



Doing good turns for others… Jeremy F. Simpson, known as Uncle Jerry to many, was at the center of launching Millstone Fund in 2019. Millstone Fund has roots in the business success of Jerry through his lifelong work leading Rotex, a Cincinnati-based company. Rotex evolved from the Straub Mill Company founded in the 1800’s. The company initially manufactured capital equipment needed to operate gristmills. The millstone is a symbol of these early beginnings and the heart of an industry that became a significant part of Jerry’s life work.

Today, we view the millstone as recognition of this legacy and support for our community in the future. The millstone is a symbol of community strength and the foundation for opportunity—“doing good turns for others” as Jerry liked to say.

Jerry passed on December 22, 2020 at the age of 88. He spent the last decade of his life working closely and diligently with the current board to design and launch a lasting philanthropic legacy to support Greater Cincinnati.

An artist himself, Jerry loved the rich culture in this city. He held great esteem for opportunities that supported quality education and a full and healthy life. He believed in working together as a community to address needs and secure a better, more prosperous future for our region.